Venser the Sojourner 60-70 card deck

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Venser the Sojourner 60-70 card deck

Postby Hans » 26 Mar 2011, 12:26

Hi all,

I'm Hans. I'm new.

Ok, so I'm picking up an order today and as I'm looking through the Cape Fear Games database, there's a gentleman sitting beside me who is cleaning out the penny box.

As I'm looking through the database at the Scars of Mirrodin block, he tells me "If you see or create a deck that utilizes Venser the Sojourner, let me know."

So I'll be honest, I'm dismissive of it and thinking critically about it. On the way home however, it gets me to thinking. "Venser has a nice ultimate, but the cost is high (+8). It can't be done with a proliferating engine as opponents would quickly figure out what's going on." Then it hits me: "In order to truly make it work, proliferating is out of the question. But turn denial or getting more turns, though cheap, is still effective, and is the only way to go."

I generally play with 60-70 card decks, using a wide array of cards that are probably illegal for tournament play.

That being said, here's what I'm coming up with so far:

Venerated Teacher (4)
Lighthouse Chronologist (1)
Time Warp (4)
Mnemonic Wall
Cast Through Time (2)

Venser the Sojourner

Cast Through Time, though it has a high casting cost, grants rebound.

Rebound is where you cast a target or sorcery and exile it as it resolves. You may cast it again at the beginning of your next upkeep without paying its mana cost.

Time Warp says target player takes an extra turn after this one. It's an instant so it has rebound. Yay!

In case Cast Through Time is tough to get out, there are Mnenomic Walls. They return target instants or sorceries from your graveyard to your hand once they hit the battlefield.

So where does Lighthouse Chronologist come in?

He's a leveler, and once he's at level 7, he grants you an extra turn if it's not the your end step. Ok, a leveller. 1 blue mana that can be played as a sorcery and nets him levels? And he can go up 7 levels at one time granted that the mana for it is available? Sweet!

Ok, so you've used the mana for other stuff, and don't have enough to bump him up quickly? It seems kinda cheap and wasted, but Venerated Teacher nets him two levels automatically.

So how does Venser fit into all of this? Since he can't be effectively proliferated, though I guess he can be now, more turns means more chances to use his +2 ability and build him up to +8.
Feel free to add your own ideas.

Edit: This should go into the CCGs area.
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