Deathrace Tournament January 26th

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Deathrace Tournament January 26th

Postby PressGanger » 19 Jan 2014, 23:09

Hey everyone, here are some details on the upcoming tournament. This will be the first chance to score Player of the Year points and an opportunity for everyone to take an early lead in the standings. Entry fee to the tournament is $5. Tournament will start at 1:30, please try to be there by 1:15. The games played in this tournament can be used for the Journeyman league, but players cannot score points for their painted models in the tournament.

This is a 1 list 25 point format. Each player will have a 25 minute Deathclock. Tiebreakers will go as such: time remaining on your clock throughout tournament, control points, army points destroyed. We will be playing the Steamroller scenario Close Quarters for each round of the tournament. Prize support will be determined by the number of players that show up.

If you have any questions let me know.
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