Warmachine/Hordes January Events

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Warmachine/Hordes January Events

Postby PressGanger » 02 Jan 2014, 20:05

Hey everyone, this is Anthony. I'll be posting any upcoming events here on the Cape Fear Games forums page for now on. I'll also send out a reminder on the Facebook page a few days before the event occurs.

First league of the year is going to be a Journeyman League. Entry fee is $5. The league starts Sunday January 12th and ends Saturday February 22nd. Here is a link to the official journeyman league rules that we will be using: http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/leagues/journeyman-league-rules

First tournament of the year will be on January 26th. We will be hosting a Deathrace tournament and entry fee is $5. This is a 1 list, 25 point tournament with a 25 minute Deathclock. The first tiebreaker will be the sum of time remaining on clock at the end of each game. Anyone who is participating in the Journeyman League may count these for that weeks games.

Here is a link for Privateer Press's upcoming releases: http://privateerpress.com/release-schedule

If you guys have any questions, give me a holler. Hope to see everyone up at the gamestore sometime soon!
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