Sat Oct 29th, Jim's next Gaming Gathering

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Sat Oct 29th, Jim's next Gaming Gathering

Postby andrew » 17 Oct 2011, 11:11

Jim's Next Gaming Gathering is Sat. Oct 29th.

Greetings! Two days before Halloween, and on my birthday, I'll be
having a Gaming Gathering at Cape Fear Games. Head on over there at
noon on 10/29 (a Saturday, if you didn't know) for:
STAR FLUXX: Not Halloweeny, but looks like fun -- and most definitely new!
SOUR APPLES TO APPLES: "Bob" for the best answer -- and see what
happens when the judge picks the worst!
BETRAYAL AT HOUSE ON THE HILL: Because creepy old houses have their
secrets -- and one player will trick the others by acting against
MUNCHKIN ZOMBIES: Sometimes you don't want to reach level 10 by
beating the undead, but also by *being* the undead!
SUPER MUNCHKIN: Because aren't superhero costumes still costumes?
ZOMBIE DICE: For a quick, fast, fun pursuit of brrrrrrains.....
THE HAUNTING HOUSE: For a quick race to the exit -- in a house where
rooms rotate and switch, and trap doors beckon...
CTHULHU GLOOM: Because snuffing miserable family members only gets
better when Lovecraftian horrors are added to the mix!
DEADWOOD: Not Halloweeny either, but it sure looks like fun!
Hope to see you there,
Jim Lynch
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