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Descent Group

Postby Belirahc » 14 Dec 2009, 13:47

I've got a game I've been wanting to play for ages... well, at least through one age. It's called Descent, and it's put out by Fantasy Flight Games (Andrew, this is the game I told you about couldn't remember the name). The premise of the game is similar to your standard Dungeon romps of D&D fame, but it is based as a board game instead of a standard RPG. However, like you RPG games, you gain levels for completing the 'quests' of the game and you can die as well, leaving you no recourse but to start with a new character the next game.

Games can last from a couple of hours for the smaller maps and to four hours for the larger maps. The game has two sides, the game master and the players. The game master controls the monsters, traps and other things you will find in the dungeons, while the players work together in order to defeat the dungeon denizens and get out alive.

Game is basically for 5 players, and I'd like to see if there might be interest in getting a group together on Board Game nights in order to play this. While it is easy to put subs in, the game is a little more involved as you level characters and must keep track of some stats. Please let me know if there is interest, as if there is enough interest and enjoyment from this, there are four or five expansions that can keep the games going for a long time.
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Re: Descent Group

Postby chadhimes » 14 Dec 2009, 22:42

I would like to get in on this game.
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Re: Descent Group

Postby kinga65 » 17 Dec 2009, 11:36

I think this would be a great candidate game for a separate 'side session'. This way you could keep the same players from game to game. Our board game nights tend to be more random from week to week as to who may show up.
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