Jim's Gaming Gathering Sunday June 19th at Noon

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Jim's Gaming Gathering Sunday June 19th at Noon

Postby andrew » 13 Jun 2011, 14:08

Greetings all! My next weekend day off from work is Sunday, June 19th
(a.k.a. Father's Day), so I'm running a Gaming Gathering then! Here's
what I'll be bringing:

ALIEN FRONTIERS: Utilize your starships (dice) to colonize the planet,
obtain alien artifacts, and gather fuel and ore.

SMALLWORLD: It really is a small world: not enough room for you and
your enemies -- or your race, so know when to send it into decline and
conquer with a new race!

ACQUIRE: Who can, er, obtain the largest hotel chains?

SUPER MUNCHKIN: 'Cuz before the upcoming GREEN LANTERN movie, this
game had the Ring of Beaminess!

This will be at Cape Fear Games, starting at noon and going until whenever.

Let the dice roll where they may,

Jim Lynch
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