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Zombies!!! Gaming Gathering, May 21st (Saturday) at Noon

PostPosted: 19 May 2011, 07:51
by andrew
Greetings, the zombie-themed (plus PIRATE FLUXX) will indeed be Saturday the 21st, starting at Noon, at Cape Fear Games. Below are the games I'll
be bringing; I'll also have a few prizes -- including some extra plastic zombies and a copy of the Chinese Food Container edition of LORD OF THE FRIES!

MUNCHKIN ZOMBIES: Level tennnnn! Brrrrrrains! Be the first zombie to reach level 10, using items found lying around and lots and lots of victims!

ZOMBIE FLUXX: New rules, new weapons, and pesky zombies popping up all over the place.

ZOMBIE DICE: It's amazingly quick, it's amazingly easy, and it's all about the brains!

GIVE ME THE BRAIN! Finally: a game that exposes the link between zombies and fast-food employment. (And I will have a rubber brain to pass around.) My review of this classic is at ... brain.html

LORD OF THE FRIES: The fast-food zombies return, this time putting together food orders -- or doing the best that they can since they're, you know, zombies.

COSMIC ENCOUNTER: Okay, one of the 90 alien races is the Zombie -- but it's fun!

PIRATE FLUXX: Alright, this one has *nothing* to do with zombies -- but it's also fun!

This Gaming Gathering will be Saturday, May 21st, at Cape Fear Games starting at noon. (There's a chance I'll be a little late -- but I *will* be there!) If you have any questions, comments, or nice juicy brains, post here.

Jim Lynch

"I have to turn the fish."