New Game "The WAR of TITANS"

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New Game "The WAR of TITANS"

Postby Julkliusard » 01 May 2011, 16:57

New Game (The WAR of TITANS)
by Julkliusard » 27 Apr 2011, 15:38


If you like games like D'n'D, but dislike the idea of being forced to be in a party... would prefer to travel on your own, side with the Dungeon Master (Game God... in this game), create your own spells, weapons, armor, clothing, occupation, etc... then this is definitely a game worth checking out! Every Wednesday is D'n'D night, but you can meet me (Jamar) at Cape Fear Games to spend 1-10 minutes creating your character. Here's some info to take into consideration:

Races: Humans, Demons (Trolls, Werewolves/Lycons, Vampires, etc) , Angels, and Half-lings (mixed breeds)
Magic: 4 Basic Elementals (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire) can be learned, others need to be discovered (Psychic, Darkness, Holy, Alchemy, Dimensional, etc)
Weapons: Swords, Daggers/Knives, Spears/Halberds/Lances, Bows/Pistols/Rifles, Explosives, etc
Requirements: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20, a character piece (or use 1 of mine), and do here what you can't do in most boardgames/videogames, etc... "It Pays to Pay Attention".

So much more and the freedom is ridiculous! Everything is fair, the Game God's rolls are seen (not trusted behind a board, no offense). Something new just for you... have fun trying out. I'll be in and out throughout this week, in case anyone catches me tweeking/experimenting/testing the game out for perfection. Anytime you see me, you can create a character, try an already made character, and see how indepth yet simplified it is.

UPDATE: I've had a little friend help me test out the game and she Loves it! Her character is a Werewolf Fighter who currently achieved winning 3 encounters and has her name spoken to the General's Quarters, by the gate guards. Her goal is to join the Silver-Light Empire's military and team up with them against the Viking Horde raid, pending. She could really use your help... or even be another opstical in her way by making her death your own goal!! Again... this game has very little limits, the more imposible a desire you have for most games, the harder (yet achievable) it is in this one!

The WAR of TITANS is a game where you start as a level 1 and work your way to a level 10. A Titan is classed as a level 13 because they are "viewed" Immortal, but defeatable... and you can master them as your own pawns if you defeat their current master! OR... achieve your own goal to "finding the 2 secrets" to becoming your own, or creating your own "Immortal"!
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