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Game of Thrones LCG

Postby Derek » 18 Apr 2012, 11:58

A group of us has recently started playing this game and it is incredible! We are looking to expand our player group and start running demos for people who are interested in playing.

This is a LCG *Living Card Game* which means new cards come in "Chapter Packs" that include a pre-assembled set list of new cards with a full play set for each card- there is no buying booster packs in hopes of drawing the card you need- simply decide on the cards you want in your deck and pick up the relevant Chapter pack.

The game is competitive, balanced, well supported and full of great combos, deck themes and synergy. Best of all, if you are a fan of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series or the Game of Thrones HBO show, the cards really do a good job of reflecting the characters, locations and style of that world.

Feel free to reply here or give me a ring on my cell phone if you'd like to meet up with us and give it a try! Game Well!

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