CFG Summer EDH League Prize Draft

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CFG Summer EDH League Prize Draft

Postby andrew » 01 Sep 2011, 10:06

The prizes are in the store and can be seen here: ... 398&type=1

One prize per person, in order each person will get 4 hours for their pick and then CFG will select a prize on their behalf (it will be held for a week for you to pick up at CFG). You can reach Andrew at 910-798-6006 or

Who is ready for the Fall EDH League?

We had 75 people participate. Some of the notable prizes are, all 15 FTV: Legend singles, Beta Llanowar Elves, Foil Full Art Black Sun's Zenith, Japanese Foil Celestial Colonnade Buy-a-Box Promo, Full Art Foil Day of Judgment, 4 of the 5 Foil Promo Titans, Foil Basic Lands and more.

Here is the order of drafters:
Chad Himes already picked
Mike Chalmers, to pick, has until 4pm 9/1
Forrest Heck - on deck
Blake Clarke
Luke Morse
Lara Berergon
Cory Bellamy
Mort Fuller
Wes Holland
Simon Perry
Russ Comer
Chris Whitley
Will Austin
Kevin Brunjes
Greg Respet
Sara Lonergan
Nick Miller
Eli Yetter-Bowen
Bobby james
Makayla Himes
Jeff Barrett
Arian Gulick
Doug Daniels
Tristan Johnson
Demette B
Jeremy Bertarioni
Ash Stemke
Melissa Himes
Kris Brock
Anthony Ellis
Jim James - DQed
Nate Brown
Christian Murphy
Zack shiro
Allen Baltezore
Mark Brau
Trystan Heck
Kris Kelley
Arik Yox
Kevin Stratton
Jason Bradley
Clayton Hamerski
Kimball Polanik
Andrew Westin
Matt Wright
Anthony Block
Calvin Hamerski
John Birchall
James Porter
K.C. Dequillettes
Richard Wilkins
Dan Merenda
Niko Bostic
Tim Macior
TJ Buren
Adam Girard
Ben Butler
Justin Cavenaugh
Thomas Dowd
Justin Lee
Tre Robinson
Keith Hubbard
Lindsay Bass
Taran Casper
Josh Neiburger
Matt van der wall
Anna Edmonson
Jacob Gordan
Tony Wallace
John Untalan
Arianna Wasser
Lowell Higgins
Jon Miller
Doug Hamerski
Heath Newton
Joey Hall
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Re: CFG Summer EDH League Prize Draft

Postby heath » 02 Sep 2011, 08:27

I got next to last! Sweet!
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