5/14/11 SCG IQ, GPT Providence, NPH Release

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5/14/11 SCG IQ, GPT Providence, NPH Release

Postby TheSmilingDragon » 07 Apr 2011, 20:17

5/14/11 Cape Fear Games is hosting a Star City Games Invitational Qualifier

3608 Oleander Dr, Suite E
Wilmington, NC 28403

Registration is from 10-11am tournament starts at 11 am

Deck lists will be required
Top 8 Pins
Format: Standard (New Phyrexia will be legal)
Entry Fee: $25

* 1st Place: $250 Travel Award, Qualification for StarCityGames Invitational
* 2nd Place: 24 Packs of New Phyrexia
* 3rd-4th: 12 Packs of New Phyrexia
* 5th-8th: 6 Packs of New Phyrexia

Winner may choose either Invitational to attend
-Indianapolis, IN June 3-5
-Charlotte, NC December 9-11

Grand Prix Trial Providence
Format: Legacy
Entry Fee: $10

Registration will be from 3-4pm tournament starting at 4:00 pm

Prizes TBD
Winner also will get 3 byes for Grand Prix Providence

New Phyrexia Release

Entry Fee: $25

Sealed Event begins at 1:00 pm

2x Scars of Mirrodin, 2x Mirrodin Besieged, 2x New Phyrexia

Prizes will be determined by the number of players in the event.

$10 Pick up Block Drafts All Day!

1x Scars of Mirrodin, 1x Mirrodin besieged, 1x New Phyrexia

Winner gets a free draft or 3 packs of New Phyrexia.

Cape Fear Games will also be buying and selling all day, also if anyone is big into Magic Online Cape Fear Games gives a 20% Trade in bonus for Magic Online Credit.
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