The long awaited EDH (Commander) Day!

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The long awaited EDH (Commander) Day!

Postby andrew » 03 Dec 2010, 09:22

You've asked for it, Wizards has recognized the format, so here it is:

EDH Day - Tuesday (Commander)
Tuesday is now EDH day.
Entry $6 per game
If 4 people, winner gets 5 packs, 2nd gets 1 pack,
If 5 people, winner gets 6 packs, 2nd gets 1 packs
If 6 people, winner gets 7 packs, 2nd gets 2 packs
If 7, people, winner gets 8 packs, 2nd gets 2 packs
8 or more will be split up into multiple games as above.
All other participants will be given 2 random foils while supplies last.

This will happen all day, but you can be sure a game will start at 6pm

If you don't have a deck to play with, you can purchase an employee-made pre-constructed deck, fully sleeved for $34.99
Damaged and played cards were encouraged to increase the power level of the decks.
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