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Re: Tournament Prize Support Feedback

Postby cpage01 » 11 Nov 2010, 23:58

so the main change is instead of there being a pack to each person participating... that prize now goes to the top 8?
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Re: Tournament Prize Support Feedback

Postby andrew » 12 Nov 2010, 08:35

cpage01 wrote:
heath wrote:What would help with the FNM prize payout?

Starting in December, we are going to run the normal FNM ($6 with the standard pack and a half per person payout), as well as an FNM win-a-box tournament.
For the win-a-box, it will be $12 to enter and the winner will get a box (for 8 people). For every 8 people we will give away another box in prizes.
Win-a-box tournaments are single-elimination, and the people remaining in the tournament may split the prize evenly at any time.

What would you like to see, what are some Constructive comments you have about the payout change?
We are also working on a store credit option choice instead of packs.

what is your plan if you have 12 players that want to play in a competitive type tournament but only 8 of them get in the win a box tournament?

With the recent change which gives all of the pack prizes to the top8 (or 4), we will only run 1 FNM. For the uber competitive players, we can run win-a-box tournaments on Friday and Saturday (or any day for that matter). These will fire with the first 8 people to sign up for one. That will also resolve the 12 players for 8 slots issue.
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