Warmachine 15 Pt Tourney!

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Warmachine 15 Pt Tourney!

Postby Derek » 15 Mar 2011, 02:10

Cape Fear Games will be hosting its first 15 point Warmachine tournament on Sunday March 20th! The event will begin at 2pm but feel free to come when the doors open to mingle with friends and foes alike! This is a single list tournament and you will need to bring two copies of your Faction list.

If you haven't heard the news- Warmachine and Hordes has been a huge success the last month or so and we hope to see the game reach new heights as more and more players join up! With tournaments and events being planned here at the store and a world wide league starting in the summer now is the time to grab some dice and models and get into the action! Come out this Sunday and see what all the buzz is about!
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