Deck Creation?

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Deck Creation?

Postby Ravarshi » 08 Oct 2010, 04:25

Hey, i'm a longtime customer of MTGOtraders. I would singlehandedly make 90% of my MTG card (digital and non) business yours, if you had the option to create decks and sold them like many other card stores do.. (off the top of my head, "anothermagicseller") does this.. (and i currently use them for all of my paper business because they have that feature and a 10% discount for full decks bought)

If you were to implement this function heath, you would gain a customer for paper, as well as having an already lifelong customer for digital cards.

The 10% discount on built decks isn't necessary, but it'd be nice to have along with the option to build decks (you can use the same software you use for MTGOtraders, although you might alienate those without it to build decks and buy them (which is bad) i suggest. itemized card lists for decks (like people do on MTGS and the WotC boards.) can be uploaded directly into a form, which then prices each single card and tallies the overall price (like starcitygames has)

Thanks for your time heath... and i look forward to you implementing a pre-built deck idea...

*removed website name. Hope you don't mind.
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Re: Deck Creation?

Postby heath » 08 Oct 2010, 09:44

Hey! Welcome to our forums. Yeah the problem is we use crystalcommerce so everything is run through them. I'll talk to them and see if this is something they are able to do though because I have had a lot of people request it. I also looked over that sites prices and even after the 5% off ours are still much cheaper overall. I'll hit you up with something else via pm.
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Re: Deck Creation?

Postby andrew » 05 Nov 2010, 08:13

You can also try the multi-search function. Then post your decklist and that will bring up the different versions of the cards we have. Then you can pick and choose which ones to add to your cart and voila! your deck is built.

An uploadable .csv would be nice though.
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