New Releases: May 11 2011

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New Releases: May 11 2011

Postby Derek » 29 Apr 2011, 23:58

New releases right around the corner for Warmachine! No longer will you need to buy blisters to beef up these units- PP is releasing the following hard to find and easy to field models in complete unit boxsets.

-Cygnar Field Mechanics (Full Unit of 6)
-Khador Battle Mechaniks (Full Unit of 6)
-Menoth- Choir of Menoth (Full Unit of 6)

*Also the New No Quarter Comes out this day which is supposed to be chock full of Wrath rules, theme lists for Legion of Everblight and Mercs, Wrath previews, tactics and more! PP is also releasing the first portion of their "Unbound" game type which will allow players to participate in fast moving, stream lined MEGA battles with several casters on the table at once! If you haven't read the official Privateer Press magazine before you are really missing out! Talk to Arian or Andrew about having one waiting for you on the 11th!

The Cover Says it all on this issue!
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