READ: Rotterhorn Rules June-July 2011

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READ: Rotterhorn Rules June-July 2011

Postby Derek » 14 Jun 2011, 09:30

Shattered Grounds (Rotterhorn) is here! Sign up and get ready to play!

1. Head over to and register. Head to Venues and add Cape Fear Games. Sign up for the Shattered Grounds event.

2. Click the Maps link. Select Rotterhorn. Here you will find Rules, Variant Cards, Stratagems and the Global Map. You will be spending a lot of time on this page during the League so you may want to add it to favorites. Know the League Rules and play by them! A copy of the Rules and variant cards will be available in the store and links are provided below.

3. Submit your game results. I will add a thread daily so that players can submit their results. Be sure to add the names of players, point size of game, Factions, Casters, territory and points gained. Be sure to read the scenario rules for gaining bonus points. Remember you MUST submit the first 5 games you've played per week for purposes of points and official standing. Any other games will not count towards standing and you cannot replace previous games in order to improve your standing. First 5 games count- so choose wisely and play hard!

Posted in Thread: 4-18-2011
Allen Vs Derek
35 pts
Skorne vs Cryx
Makeda vs Epic Skarre
Highground Mountains
Win= Allen 4pts +2 bonus points= 6pts total
Loss= Derek 4pts total

You MUST submit your results the day of the game played so I can submit them to the global map. Get in the habit of logging on and submitting as soon as you are done! If you don't submit- you don't get points. Be rewarded for your hard earned games- submit your results!

-Sign up!
-Know the Rules
-Submit your Results
-Play like you got a Pair!

Its as simple as that!

Official League Rules

Real Time League Map ... rotterhorn

Variant Model Cards

Rotterhorn Story
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