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Week 4- 5/8/2012

PostPosted: 12 May 2012, 10:22
by Derek
After you finish a League game hop over to one of the computers at Cape Fear Games and go ahead and submit that game in the appropriate dated thread (anyone submitting games will submit below this post). It takes like, 2 minutes, and keeps the map and store standings updated! Games must be submitted to grant a player points.

Your submission will look like this-

Name of Players and the number of games played by said players
Faction Names
Point Size
Map Location Being Fought Over
Victory points and bonus points received

Derek (3) vs Allen (2)
Circle vs Skorne
35 pts
The Narrow Sea
Victory for Allen- 2 point + 1 battle point for playing=3 points in standings
Loss for Derek- 1 battle point= 1 point in standings

Re: Week 4- 5/8/2012

PostPosted: 12 May 2012, 17:42
by sugars
John vs David
eThag vs Krueger
50 pts
Location 12
John victory 2 pts + 2 battle pts = 4 pts

John vs Robert
Abby vs Pirate guy feats for 3" move
25 pts
Location 12
Robert victory 2 pt + 1 battle pt = 3pts
John loss 1 pt + 1 battle pt = 2 pts