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Thoughts on D&D 5th Edition

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2015, 05:33
by lockpickingpickles
Hey, ya'll. Was just curious if anyone has tried out 5th edition yet or has any particular thoughts on the new mechanics and guidelines.
Hubby and I are wanting to get back in to playing (still haven't found a solid group where we live now) and didn't know if we should take the plunge with 5 yet.
From what I've read, it seems awesome.
Thanks, guys.

Re: Thoughts on D&D 5th Edition

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2015, 12:53
by everyfan
So, I am absolutely unqualified to answer this - the only D&D experience I've had is with two or three sessions of D&D 5th edition recently at Cape Fear Games. I think it's really good though.

Re: Thoughts on D&D 5th Edition

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2015, 00:07
by hedgeknight
As an old time gamer, I was hesitant to jump on the 5E bandwagon and basically stayed away from it for the first year. But I came across the starter set on Amazon and decided to buy it, and having read through it, I fell in love with the new shiny stuff :D
So, I'm currently running an online game and it is moving along quite nicely. The game is still in the early stages, but I am having a lot of fun. I really like the blend of rules and things move along quickly. Monsters have their own quirks and abilities and the pre-gen characters for the game are very interesting and fun to work with. The rules are easy to understand and right out of the box, there was very little prep work to get a game going.

So...if you are interested, I would start with buying the Starter Set > in it you get the basic rules, a complete adventure with pre-gen characters, and a set of dice! And for under 20 bucks, that's a good place to start.