Edge of the Empire game

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Edge of the Empire game

Postby anstruther » 16 Sep 2014, 14:26

We just started a new Edge of the Empire campaign and are looking for new players to join our group. We start around 6:00-6:30 every Monday night.

The story so far:

A group of droids found themselves to be the only survivors on a large cargo ship adrift in a remote region of the galaxy. All the biological life forms had gone crazy and killed each other before succumbing to some horrific disease. Our team of rag-tag droids determined that the cargo ship was used as a test ground for a new Imperial virus weapon (you know, in case the whole Death Star thing doesn't work out). They were able to scrape together enough parts to get one of the star ships on board working and defeated the Imperial Tie fighters (sledded, of course) that were going to report the results of the test and the location of the ship to the Empire.

The battle with the Tie fighters left our heroes' ship in bad shape and they limped into port on the remote planet of Formos (near the Kessel run) without enough money to fix it up. A barfight at the Cantina led the group down the trail of a bounty on the local pirate leader and to the stronghold of a smuggling group that works for him. The group launched a surprise attack on the stronghold at night and were able to subdue everyone within.

Next... to find the pirate leader, take him out and collect the bounty


-The group rigged the drifting cargo ship with explosives that trigger if anyone approaches without the proper codes. As long as that doesn't happen, it will serve as their home base.
- Among the various corpses aboard the cargo ship were 3 individuals with dead-or-alive bounties on their heads. The group has them on ice and plans to take them to Bargos the Hutt to collect their bounties once they get the chance.
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