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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 01 Jun 2014, 15:48

May 26, 2014

The Necromancer’s ghosts prove to be formidable opponents. Using Postcognition the group determines that Diego, possessed by the General, has dragged the Necromancer’s nearly dead body back to the motel where another ghost, the Surgeon, possessed the motel owner and began tending to his master’s wounds. The General then hopped into Hondo’s van and headed to town. When this is discovered, Hondo has Abel take control of the car and the General breaks the window and jumps out. The General resumes his trip into Mexico City by having the ghost of the Necromancer’s mother possess a passing trucker.

Meanwhile, using ghost-damaging weapons kitbashed by Quinn and enchanted by Hondo, the group subdues the Surgeon and takes control of the Necromancer’s unconscious body. After a quick night’s sleep (fatigue and Paradox were threatening to overwhelm the group) they soak the Necromancer’s clothes in gasoline, create a key-word triggered flame spell then load him into the van and head out looking for the General who Hondo tracks through Diego’s cell phone.

They eventually catch up with the General who is now driving a truck and heading back to the motel. The group drives him off the side of the road and confront their possessed friend. Soon the Necromancer’s mother drives up in a stolen ambulance. The group offers a trade - Diego for the Necromancer. The General agrees and after the Necromancer is loaded into the ambulance and driven off he abandons Diego’s body. As soon as Diego is freed he creates a portal to the ocean and throws the only new item that he is carrying through. It is, as he had hoped, the General’s anchor (now in two senses of the word). Meanwhile Hondo triggers the spell that ignites the Necromancer in flames. The ambulance screeches to a halt and the Necromancer’s mother throws herself against the group in mad grief but is ultimately defeated.

While Anya, Hondo and Quinn pursue the possessed Diego, Ted and Sylver remain at the Temple to keep an eye on Gimp while he performs the Aztec ritual. Five days later the vampire emerges...Awakened. Back home, the Consilium is displeased that the Necromancer was not brought back alive, but is happy with the results of the Aztec ritual on the vampire.


- In the process of preparing for combat against ghosts Hondo performs 5 vulgar spells in a row. The last spell goes badly and permanently transforms his teeth into shark-like forms.
- Hondo begins stockpiling mana in the form of chicken nuggets
- Ghosts prove particularly difficult because when their host body is nearly dead they tend to move to another teammate.
- Diego exorcises the pendant which anchors the ghost of the Necromancer’s mother.
- Gimp begs to not be taken back to the Consilium after the ritual, to no avail.
- The Consilium tells the group that they will be able to perform the Aztec ritual on themselves over the next two weeks. After that, the site will be “locked down.” It appears that the ritual increases one’s skill in the Death Arcana.
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Re: Monday Night Mage

Postby anstruther » 08 Jun 2014, 22:06

June 2, 2014

The cabal investigates a suspicious natural disaster near the coast and discovers that sea creatures have invaded and are leaving a path of destruction. The creatures explode when damaged, which puts the gang in bad shape after their first encounter. Investigation reveals that the creatures are from a two mile deep sea rift just off the coast of Santa Cruz. A local corporation has been dumping toxic chemicals into the rift and a Genius has fashioned high pressure suits allowing them to survive on land.

The creatures have no eyes, ears or mouths and no apparent means of communication. The group buys a Telepathy potion from the local Magic Shop and heads to the next creature sighting. There, they convince the creatures to cease their destruction until the cabal has had a chance to meet with their leader.

Before the meeting the group investigates further and discovers that the corporation responsible for the dumping is Acme Chemicals, owned in part by the Mayor. They contact their Consilium for advice and find that the Consilium is in cahoots with the Mayor. They advise that the group find a way to neutralize the sea creatures.

When the group meets the leader of the sea creatures they see that he is none other than the Sub Mariner (from April 7th adventure). He seems mostly interested in taking vengeance on humans but the group convinces him that the humans he is harming are innocent and offers to help him focus his energies on the guilty.

Very careful to maintain appearances with their Consilium, the group stages a battle with the creatures and falls back while Hondo creates a Phantasm to lead the sea horde through the city sewers to Acme Chemicals. There the group stages another battle against the creatures but are ultimately forced back and Acme Chemicals is destroyed.

The next morning the group is summoned to the Consilium. Rather than being in trouble for the destruction of Acme Chemicals, the group is given $9,000. Hondo’s 10:1 odds wager that the group would survive 18 weeks is being paid.


- Quinn spends some downtime working on his car. It can fly now, but everytime it does it plays the Flight of the Valkyries loudly. He can’t seem to get it to stop.
- Quinn installs knock-out gas in Hondo’s car which Hondo or Abel (his AI familiar) can activate remotely (clear gas, hissing noise, affects the whole car)
- Diego sets up a telescope, run by Abel, to monitor who comes and goes from the Consilium
- Diego transforms himself into a sea creature, goes out to the sea and summons an ocean spirit who provides useful information.
- Through a very lucky break they discover that the Mayor is a vampire.
- Hondo hacks Acme Chemicals and diverts a portion of their money to environmental charities
- As the Sub-Mariner leaves he says “I look to our fourth meeting.” It should only be their third.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 23 Jun 2014, 14:44

June 16, 2014

The group returns to the Necromancer’s estate for some looting. They discover that The General, the ghost that kept possessing Diego and gave the group so much trouble in Mexico City, has two anchors. One is at the bottom of the Atlantic but the other is at the Necromancer’s estate. This time the group is better equipped to handle ghosts and enters the Twilight Realm to fight it directly. During battle it manages to possess Diego once again but only for a few seconds before it is discorporated. The ghostly guardians of the Necromancer’s treasure hoard, hidden in Twilight, are defeated easily and the loot is claimed and sold.

Later, Diego and Sylver summon Opal’s ghost and learn more about the other surviving members of the Life Consilium (the predecessor of the current Death Consilium that rules over the group) including the the real names of Garnet and Pearl. Spirits in the Shadow Realm are sent looking for Diamond who is rumored to be living there now as the powerful “Spirit of Man”.


- Jeeves, the Necromancer’s undead butler accepts an offer to return to Santa Cruz with them as the cabal’s butler
- The General is disconnected from his second anchor which is then destroyed.
- In the treasure hoard another ghost’s anchor is discovered. Sick of ghosts, the group quickly destroys this.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 29 Jun 2014, 22:23

June 23, 2014

The group receives messages from their past selves telling them to head to Bangkok and trap one of the Consilium Elders (Cuarta) in the Abyss. Apparently she likes to lure people there and torture them. The messages explain that this is a perfect opportunity for the group to weaken the Consilium without getting caught. The group is understandably skeptical about messages they never remember sending themselves and cautiously investigate. No leaf is left unturned and before they even arrive in Bangkok they have the address of the bar where she goes to find her victims (thereby avoiding several false leads).

In Bangkok they find someone that is willing to meet a lady for cash. The group follows him to her apartment where the Abyss awaits them. Because of their preparations she has trouble mind controlling them and is only able to briefly take control of Diego - right after the clip of his M16 runs out of ammo. After she is defeated all the abyssal horrors that she had been using to torture her victims attack. Eventually the group wins and sends her subdued body to a different part of the Abyss using the shard they got on a previous adventure.


- Quinn makes a glue gun to subdue his foes. He can’t seem to make the glue non-radioactive.
- The group is able to find a lot of information about Cuarta before she became the evil mage she is today. They even track down and discretely visit her childhood home.
- To resist Cuarta’s Mind powers the group acquires two potions of Mental Shield, a scepter of Mind Protection and a tinfoil hat. Stasis wrap is obtained to keep her controlled once subdued.
- Quinn flies his car to Bangkok. He decides to pay for radar absorbing paint before crossing any potentially hostile airspaces.
- During combat Sylver gives Cuarta a horrific case of diarrhea. She is sent to her new Abyssal home covered in poo, radioactive glue, actively dying and wrapped in a magical stasis field.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 14 Jul 2014, 15:25

June 30, 2014

A beautiful young vampire named Polong shows up at the Sanctum and asks for the group’s help. A nest of Hive Mind vampires has appeared in Salt Lake City and it is working its way directly towards Santa Cruz. Soon the Santa Cruz vampires will have to fight these creatures or be assimilated - and they need help. She tells them about Socrates, the only known Vampire Mage to have ever existed. He lived in Santa Cruz until 1952 when a Mage named Salazar staked him through the heart and hid his body. Only Salazar knows the location of Socrates but unfortunately Salazar is not too easy to find either.

In the late 1800s, Santa Cruz was run by the Prime Consilium. They built wondrous artifacts that have since been scattered. One of their more ambitious projects was something called the Prime Engine. Designed to provide immortality, the Prime Engine is a massive clockwork computer that is capable of storing a person’s mind. Two years after he killed Socrates, Salazar found the Prime Engine and uploaded his own mind, overwriting the original owner’s mind in the process. Polong was recently woken from torpor because she is the only one that knows the location of the portal that leads to the Prime Engine.

The group’s journey starts in an old abandoned bank vault. This leads to a room with 3 levers. Using a lot of Augury, Divination and other magical means the group is able to use the levers to activate a portal with only moderate damage to themselves. The portal leads to a pocket realm where magic water must be drank and a payment of flesh must be made before a second portal leads them to a barren windswept field in Antarctica. In the ice is a tunnel that leads deep into a glacier where the massive Prime Engine is hidden.

In the Engine the barrier separating the spirit and Material worlds thins and they encounter the Spirit of the Machine: Salazar. He welcomes the group, hungry for company and information from the outside world. At first he brags about his immortality but soon it becomes clear that he has trapped himself in a nightmarish hell and that he would like nothing more than to escape. The group tells him of computers and the internet and makes a deal with him. In exchange for the location of Socrates they bring him a notebook computer (which is far more advanced than the Engine) to download his memory then release him into the internet.


- The group finds a skeletal hand in the boiler room next to the abandoned bank vault. Quinn turns it into a zombie and uses it to pull levers.
- Diego marks the entrance of the Engine so he can return via Portal later
- Hondo has his AI familiar hack into Salazar’s mind and siphon off his memories. He also has Abel install programs in Salazar so they can keep in hon a tight leash.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 20 Jul 2014, 19:43

July 14, 2014

Sylver, Diego and Quinn head to the rocky outcrop off the coast where the dormant body of the Vampire-Mage Socrates is hidden. Sylver and Quinn navigate the turbulent waters and enter the underwater entrance as sea lions. Diego uses his skills of invention to add octopus legs to his already aquatic car. Inside they find a winding series of caverns which have been used to store various undead over the centuries. They have to deal with a lack of oxygen, disarm a trap and neutralize a guardian golem. In a hidden side chamber they find an ancient Nosferatu and eventually Socrates in a room containing a small sun.

The group decides that they have no intention of waking Socrates nor of handing him over to any vampires or to their corrupt Consilium so they summon the Sub-Mariner, the mysterious and powerful Mind Mage in an old-time diving suit. He returns to the cavern with the group, wakes the Nosferatu, reads all his memories and destroys him with a small sun of his own. He takes possession of Socrates and gives some the group more information about the Consilium before taking his leave.


- The group finds a very powerful Ward gem and decides to leave it in place.
- Quinn decides he wants to take the golem to his laboratory so he can figure out how to make one of his own. He is in the process of dragging it there piece by piece.
- The Sub-Mariner shares the Nosferatu’s memories with Diego. The creature was the first vampire to reach Santa Cruz in the early 1800s. He had roamed the earth as a vampire for 360 years. The group was particularly interested with a memory of a withering disease that destroyed vampires.
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Re: Monday Night Mage

Postby anstruther » 27 Jul 2014, 13:52

July 21, 2014

The group defends Santa Cruz against an invasion of Hive Mind Vampires. Groups of the vile creatures show up at various spots across the city, over 100 in total. The Consilium gives our heroes command of the local vampires and the Surfer Cabal to help defeat the invaders. They soon discover that fire and magically created sunlight are ineffective because the vampires have magic rings that convert fire to sound and sunlight to shadows. The battle rages across the city most of the night but eventually the invaders are destroyed. The Santa Cruz vampires prove entirely worthless (they kept getting scared off by magical sunlight or explosions of napalm) and the Surfer Cabal was not much better. In the morning, the city of Santa Cruz wakes up to what appears to be some sort of natural disaster or terrorist attack, happily oblivious to the far worse fate that they had been spared.


- The group contacts the San Francisco Consilium, which provides 3 firecracker-like objects that release small temporary suns when lit. Hondo specializes in sun-making magic and Diego buys a dagger of vampire slaying (+4) from Mei Ling
- Quinn uses his Genius powers to craft napalm bombs to drop from his flying car. He later changes these to explosives.
- Sylver animates trees to attack at the first battle then crafts dolphin-sized wasps for the next two battles.
- Sylver gets around town riding a giant wasp. Quinn uses his flying car while Hondo, Diego and most of the Surfers get around by portal.
- At one battle Diego tries to to magically destroy one of these rings without luck. Instead Hondo levitates its owner above the group while Quinn runs him over with his flying car.
- One of the ring bearing vampires is neutralized when Diego drags him into the Twilight Realm.
- One group of invading vampires tries to flee by turning into a gaseous cloud. Hondo traps the cloud in a tornado and destroys them with sunlight
- The last group is taken out with a combination of a rat swarm and personal combat. The last Hive Mind vampire to fall offers the group $10 million in gold to join the Queen. Unswayed, the group kills him and returns home.
- The next day the group works together to cast a powerful spell to locate Pearl, the member of the previous Consilium that is rumored to be insane and living on the streets of Santa Cruz. They narrowly succeed and are able to track her down. They find a homeless woman with a cat and an empty shopping cart. She talks with them, briefly turns Sylver into a cat, and gives them a single hair of hers as a gift.
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Re: Monday Night Mage

Postby JRTheFerret » 03 Mar 2015, 16:49

Hey, I'm interested In joining the game. The only issue I have for the next month to two months is I have a broken foot so my usual method of travel isn't available to me. Long story short, I'd need someone to pick me up from my place and drop me off. Luckily, I'm not that far away. If this doesn't work, I understand and I wish you a great game.
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