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Postby anstruther » 18 Mar 2014, 20:57

March 17, 2014

Perrin, a massive mute blacksmith is the latest to join the Cabal. The day after the group removes a curse from their Hallow they discover a Mage hiding in the woods, trying to re-cast the spell. Eventually they determine that he is from the Cult of the Doomsday Clock with plans to destroy the world; plans that might actually work. Across the world 24 cultists, one in each time zone, plans to perform a spell specifically designed to generate Paradox. The spell will be cast in front of a flash-mob crowd of Sleepers using cursed tass, targeting a pre-designated object that has been enchanted to amplify Paradox. The cultists are gathering tass and recruiting the flash mobs. Twelve days remain before the end of the world.

Meanwhile, the leader of the San Francisco Consilium visits the Cabal at their Sanctum. He gives evidence that the Santa Cruz Consilium (with whom the Cabal has been working) has been manipulative and underhanded and he offers to help the Cabal avoid the Consilium’s corrupting influence and work together toward the betterment of mankind.


- Sylver decides to take on the cultist menace directly and drives, solo, to Phoenix to the location of the cultist there. Things don’t go too well. Trying to sneak into his hotel room, Sylver accidentally kills the housekeeper and has to evade the police. Later he returns and tries to chloroform the cultist, but before the chloroform has any effect the cultist nearly kills him with a thunderbolt before hoisting him in the air telekinetically. Sylver is able to talk his way to freedom and returns home.
- A condition of working with the San Francisco consilium is destruction of all soul infused artifacts. Most of the Cabal’s artifacts are destroyed. Quinn, who had been diligently working on his own soul harvesting operation, decided to hang onto his “at least until the world is saved”
-MeiLing, the owner of the Magic Shop, returns to the group an artifact that she found in the Occultist’s equipment that she bought. It is an X-box controller that she believes controls the Pocket Realm he was using.
- The group discusses various ways of stopping the cultists. Honda writes a program that will automatically break into the Facebook pages used to recruit the flash mobs and randomly change the times and locations of the event. There is also talk of casting triggered dispel and mana siphoning spells on the focus points.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 26 Mar 2014, 13:17

March 24, 2014

The group takes steps to prevent the imminent destruction of the world by the Cult of the Doomsday Clock. Quinn and Honda work on magically imbuing ink which Diego uses to create a subtle spot of graffiti on each focal point of the Paradox Rituals. The ink will cause a Dissolve Tass spell to be triggered at the start of the Ritual, depriving it of its energy. Diego uses a staff of portal creation to get to each focal point.

After making half a dozen tass dissolving spells it becomes clear that Honda is not going to be able to make them fast enough to neutralize all the sites before the world ends. The Santa Cruz Consilium is contacted again for assistance. They remain confident that the Cabal has things under control. The San Francisco Consilium is then contacted. They offer to accelerate time for Honda but this risks revealing to the local Consilium that San Francisco is helping them. The Cabal decides to do it on their own and take out the cult members in the five remaining cities.

Sylver and Diego fly to Anchorage. The cultist there is lured into an abandoned warehouse district, subdued and left tied up in a snowbank. Then Diego joins them and they teleport to one of the cruise ships where a young lady is recruited to play a prank on a ‘friend’. Once they get through the door she is sent away and during the confusion the cultist is stabbed. His body is deposited, via portal, over the edge of the ship. On the second cruise ship they find the cultist sleeping. Sylver uses chloroform to make sure he stays that way. He is brought back to Santa Cruz and left to wake up semi-naked on the side of the road. Next they go to Phoenix via portal where the cultist that had kicked Sylers butt before is overwhelmed by four mages working together. In desperation he Feigns Death but this soon becomes the real thing after his body is submerged in a tub then sealed in a bag and left outside of the airport. With one day remaining, their last victim is found in Honolulu, chloroformed and pummelled. His remains are deposited in the cultist’s cabin on the first cruise ship.

Meanwhile, Honda realizes that their tass dissolving spell has been removed from the focal point in Karachi. With less than a day before the ritual, the group portals to Karachi, finds the statue that was serving as a focal point and spends several hours dispelling the magic that allows it to magnify paradox. Finally, with only twelve hours to spare, all twenty four sites are neutralized.

The group lingers in the park in Karachi to make sure this last site remains defused. Sure enough, two hours later Midnight, the leader of the cultists, arrives to reactivate the focal point. Sylver, Quinn, Honda and Diego watch her from a safe distance and discuss their next move….


-Two days before the ritual, Quinn links all the cult members to his soul-stealing video. It is not yet clear what effect this has had.
- Unable to cast his magic fast enough, Honda resorts to massive binge eating to boost his willpower. It helps but not enough and he gains another 12 lbs.
- Diego buys several things from the Magic Shop to help them defeat the cultists: dirt from several cities to help him create portals more quickly and an item that can “anchor” up to 16 spells, relieving the mages of further responsibility for maintaining the spells. This last item is sold to the group at a considerable “prevent the end of the world” discount. Nevertheless, the Cabal now owes MeiLing 23 mana.
- Sylver uses his street smarts to negotiate a decent price for the computers liberated from the cultists. This money is used to buy plane tickets.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 02 Apr 2014, 14:26

March 31, 2014

Midnight encounter…. yet to come…

A week after (presumably) saving the world, the group is visited by a young woman named Lexus who asks for their help. She owns a medium sized import-export business and one day was opening some packages containing rare artifacts in her apartment. One contained an ornately carved onyx box. Inside the box she found a shard of white marble which emitted an eerie light. Everywhere the light shone, she could see an alien landscape beyond. Soon her apartment was unrecognizable and she wandered through the Abyssal Realm until she found her way to a Watchtower and became Awakened. She woke up across town and has been afraid to go back to her apartment since. Two days ago she worked up the courage to return and everything was...wrong. The Abyss appears to be consuming her building and she hopes that the Cabal can stop whatever she has unleashed before it claims the city.

The group heads out immediately. Cautiously picking their way through the eerie ruins, disturbing debris and a wall of two foot cockroaches, they arrive at the apartment which opens onto the Abyss. They fasten a lifeline back to the Material Realm and head into the Abyss in search of the artifact and the box which seems to control it. Soon they learn that the tapestry of reality in the Abyss is not like that of the material realm and their magic is not nearly as strong there. With time, though, they start to get the hang of it.

Heading in the direction where their magic tells them the items are located, they are attacked by insectoid Mind Reapers which drain willpower and kill Diego immediately with their claws. Quinn rewinds time and they decide to run. Crossing back into the Material Realm, Diego controls the cockroach swarm and sends them into the Abyss to distract the nightmare creatures while Perrin bashes the closest one with his hammer. Diego transforms some of the cockroaches into wasps and sends them against the creature as well. Soon Perrin is seriously wounded, but the creature is dead. The second creature, harried by cockroaches, wasps and Perrin’s hammer, soon flies away.

They find the artifact in the center of a massive gelatinous Shuggoth with whip-like tendrils that reach several yards. Perrin uses a Willpower-boosted Telekinesis to rip the artifact from its core, into his hand. The box is found embedded in solid masonry several yards away. While being whipped by the Shuggoth, Perrin changes the stone to chalk and they carve the onyx box free. Following their lifeline back to the Material Realm they close the artifact in the box and the Abyss fades like a dream.


- Quin experiments with his time rewinding ability. Videotaping as he goes, he is able to capture video footage of Diego's death which no one else remembers happening because, technically, it never did.
- Diego keeps one of the two foot cockroaches as a pet / souvenir
- Quinn, Diego and Perrin each get 2 dots in Abyssal Magic skill
- A half rat, half woman creature was found, gradually returning to normal after the rift was closed. Musk’s group was called to help erase her memory of her recent nightmare.
- The group decides to bury the box in the back corner of their Sanctum, until Musk’s soothsayers can decide what should be done with it.
- The body pieces of the Mind Reaper are brought back to the Sanctum and sold to MeiLing
- Diego uses the Abyssal chalk clinging to the onyx box to make a painting of the abyss which he sells to MeiLing
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 08 Apr 2014, 14:23

April 7, 2014

Midnight is neutralized before she can lift a finger and the world is saved from the Cult of the Doomsday Clock. With their plans disrupted in at least 3 distinct ways the Cultists are unable to cause any significant damage except for the death of 5 more of their members from local Paradox. Altogether 12 members perished in their failed attempt to destroy the Material Realm.

Later, after nearly a month without hearing from the Consilium, Fritz invites them over to discuss another task. Using Fate, the Consilium has arranged for a very important item to arrive in town. They need it retrieved from a warehouse. Nothing to it. He does warn that the box, which measures 3 x 3 x 6 feet, should not be opened under any circumstances. As payment, the group is free to help themselves to any other goods the warehouse might offer.

Investigation reveals the warehouse to be a stopping point for a large number of illicit materials and to be extremely secure. Honda hacks into their computer system and finds a lot of incriminating records. He then confronts the warehouse’s owner and demands that the box be turned over. The owner is skeptical and insists on finding out what is in the box before giving it away.

A guard pries open the box and all hell breaks loose; a hand reaches out, grabs the guard’s throat and starts to drag him in, guards shoot, fireballs fly. Eventually the box is closed and everyone breathes a sigh of relief (except the guard, who is now dead).

Then someone in an old-time diving suit floats up from the river behind the warehouse and over to the box. He freezes everyone in place except for three Cabal members who he convinces to stay put. He tears open the box, revealing a shriveled hissing creature that lifts the metal man from his feet. The metal man creates a miniature sun the light of which causes the creature to burst into flame. He then shatters a wooden beam with Telekinesis and directs a shard straight into the creatures heart. He extinguishes the sun, places the creature back in the box, hoists it over his shoulder and runs with it back to the river where he disappears below the dark surface, leaving only bubbles.

The Consilium is furious, but Quinn has captured everything on tape and given exact coordinates for the Consilium to watch the events for themselves which alleviates their suspicion somewhat.


- After concluding that all the various factions in the area are only looking out for their own interests, the Cabal considers adopting the name “SIC” which stand for Self-Involved Cabal (perhaps eventually, Consilium). It is also short for sic erat scriptum which means “thus was it written” and implies “wrong on purpose”
- The pocket realm is brought to the Sanctum through a laborious drive through town with the portal hovering in the back of a U-haul.
- The Cabal learns that the man in the silver scuba suit, the Sub-Mariner, as he is called, is remembered only by very powerful mages or by people that he wants to remember him.
- The Cabal researches what it would take to replace the Consilium as the dominant power in the region. In the process they learn about the other Cabals under the Consilium’s sway.
- Sylver makes a visit to the Big Sur Cabal which has found a way to avoid working with the Consilium without being destroyed by them. He learns that the Death Consilium is heavily involved with vampires.
- Honda, looking for contacts in the criminal underworld, allows himself to get mugged by a Sleeper. Honda subdues him then gives him a burner phone and tells him to contact with information.
- The group keeps the San Francisco Consilium updated on events as they unfold.
- Perrin uses his Matter powers to find a hidden stash of guns and an escape tunnel leading out of the Sanctum basement
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 15 Apr 2014, 13:12

April 14, 2014

The Sanctum is attacked by vampires. Honda, Quinn, Diego and Anya fight them off and at first the only luck they have is the luck manufactured by Quinn (e.g. Honda with no successes on 12 dice). Eventually the tide turns in their favor and all four invaders are destroyed. Both Consilia believe the vampires were members of the smaller vampire group in town and that they were hoping to find the vampire from the warehouse and claim him for themselves. The local Consilium admits that the creature in the warehouse was an old vampire from Europe brought to Santa Cruz to stop a war between the two main vampire groups.


-Honda brings home a fellow Mage, Victor, he found while wandering the streets in search of contacts. Victor is immediately enthralled by a vampire and led out the front door where Quinn runs over the vampire with his car. Victor just keeps on walking and doesn’t look back.
- Honda rigs up a program to shock any intruders that come near outlets or appliances. It takes him longer than he hoped but he is ultimately successful (until a fuse blows).
- Anya is deadly with her shaska until she is finally pinned by a vampire. He drinks his fill while she heals herself and he considers carrying her away to be his personal blood supply. Ultimately, however, the vampire is unable to escape with his own life.
- Quinn provides the group with various blessings of fate and time, runs out to the car, makes two loops around the house (providing more blessings as he goes), mows down a fleeing vampire and drives away. As he runs out the door he says “you guys should probably all swear oaths that you won’t run away when defending the group”
- Diego sells vampire remains and tass collected from various Hallows to the Magic Shop
- Honda discovers his computer program familiar, Abel, has been siphoning money off of his online gambling site to have a home security and automation system installed.
- Honda rigs up a system so Abel can drive his van
- Diego buys a universal translator item from MeiLing then portals around the globe visiting various Hallows that had been targeted by the Cult of the Doomsday Clock. He is able to establish ties with four friendly Cabals (Anchorage, Shanghai, Mexico City and Bangladesh).
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 27 Apr 2014, 20:52

April 21, 2014

The group has a break from saving the world and running errands for their evil overlords and for several weeks are able to work on their own projects. Their relaxation comes to an end, however, when Honda’s familiar, an autonomous computer program named Abel, is kidnapped. The gang follows his trail to Eureka, CA where they discover that the town is overrun with aliens. They are invited to dine among the aliens (aka “the Others”) at the mansion where Abel is being held and the creatures explain that they are from a world where AIs rose and destroyed their race. Only the Mages survived, ultimately triumphing after a prolonged Mage / AI war. They have since worked to help prevent the same thing from happening to other worlds. They have a system that lures nascent AIs to them and traps them, along with any copies.

Honda insists that his familiar be returned. The Others offer to convert Abel to biologic form and merge him with Honda. This would have the effect of increasing Honda’s Intelligence, Academics and Computer skills but lowering his Composure. Even with the added offer of making it reversible at will, Honda and the rest of the Cabal do not like the idea of having his head filled with alien tech. Other options are discussed but ultimately negotiations break down and battle ensues. The aliens are defeated and Abel is freed.


- Perrin begins creating a forge near the Hallow
- Quinn makes a website and infuses it with a sense of destiny
- In Eureka, Honda hacks the power grid to turn off the city lights. With no less than 10 successes he has the option of shutting down all of California but chooses instead to cause transformers to blow across the city of Eureka.
- The group learns that the Others have manifestations in the Material, Twilight and Shadow Realms and that this is an importance part of the "Balance" that is so important to them. Quinn makes use of this during combat by using Fate magic to sever the bindings that attach their spirit selves which incapacitates them for a time
- A second Abyss shard is found near where the Others were keeping Abel.
- The group finds freezers full of people who are apparently being eaten by the aliens.
- After Abel is freed, Others from across the city start to descend on the mansion. Abel is sent into the van and with the assistance of Quinn’s magic to keep the van intact, he clears a path through the crowd
- Perrin uses his powers to find a stash of alien artifacts just before the gang makes their exit from the burning building
- The body of the leader of the Others is brought back to the Sanctum.
- Diego spends his credit with MeiLing to buy a tome about the Abyss.
- Sylver visits the rest of the Cabals of the area. He learns that the Consilium has been ruthless and thorough in eliminating anyone that opposed them.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 29 Apr 2014, 13:58

April 28, 2014

In their quest for information and allies the group decides to contact the Director, the mage that had been creating powerful artifacts from stolen souls before the Cabal ran him out of town (and stole his stuff). He agrees to meet with them to discuss the possibility of working together and suggests an old abandoned theater downtown as their meeting place. The group scouts out the theater the day before and installs monitoring cameras but they find nothing unusual.

The Director, however, has been keeping an eye on the group with vengeance in mind. Instead of a friendly meeting he arranges an ambush. The entire coterie of Daeva vampires (the group that had attacked the Sanctum two months earlier) descends on the theater. The four cabal members, finding themselves facing 25 vamps and a mage, start clearing a path toward the exit.

After several rounds of combat the situation changes. A contingent from the larger, more powerful group of Ventrue vampires arrives and declares that the Consilium is not yet done with the Cabal. However, since the Elder Vampire that was supposed to unite the two vampire factions is still missing, the Daeva have come to the end of their road. With the help of the Cabal they will be wiped out once and for all here.and now.

The battle continues, but now with more even odds. Ultimately the Cabal takes out 12 Daevae (plus the 4 that raided the sanctum) and the 21 Ventrue destroy the other 13. The leader of the Ventrue group introduces himself as Neejo, their Prince. He is very impressed with the Cabal’s strength and says how pleased he was to fight by their side. He also implies that he will be discreet about comments he overheard earlier in the night that suggested the Cabal was working behind the back of the Consillium.


- Perrin and Honda both develop a mysterious illness two days after returning from Eureka. Honda’s research and Diego’s magic reveal the source to be a nanite infection from the alien artifacts they brought back with them from the mansion. The artifacts are hermetically sealed into an airtight Faraday cage for safekeeping and the nanites are purged from their bodies with the help of Diego’s magic.
- The Director is contacted by scrying his location then dropping a burner phone through the scrying window. This allows Honda to find his exact GPS coordinates and makes the Director a phone call away.
- Quinn, staying close to the door during the initial encounter with the Director, is able to get to his car as soon as the vampires appear and eventually uses his specialty of vehicular manslaughter to mow down four vamps in front of the theater
- Sylver, lacking the strength to break free from a vampire’s embrace, gives himself slime skin and slips away like a squeezed banana instead.
- Diego, in a similar situation later in the battle, grows tree branches from his skin which damage the embracing vampire and eventually loosen its grip
- Honda takes out the Director then uses his body to beat a vampire to death
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 06 May 2014, 20:33

May 5, 2014

The group is joined by a new Mage, Ted Cruz (no relation) a wealthy televangelist with Mind and Space powers. After a couple of peaceful weeks the Consilium invites the Cabal over to ask their assistance with an important matter. The group’s role in eliminating the competing vampire faction has earned them improved standing with the Consilium and their contact person has been changed from Fritz to Septimus, one of the Consilium Elders.

Septimus tells them of a powerful Necromancer in northwestern Mexico who has discovered an ancient Aztec ritual that will make him an Archmaster of Death if successful. The Necromancer has already transformed a 300 square mile area into a hellish landscape where only the dead walk. The Consilium is concerned that he may become unstoppable if allowed to complete this ritual.

During the ritual the Necromancer will be vulnerable and the Consilium has an artifact that that should help neutralize him. The Cabal is asked to break into the Necromancer’s estate while he is away, find a copy of the book describing the Aztec Death ritual, obtain enough of the Necromancer’s personal possessions to strengthen the artifact’s power over him, proceed to the Aztec Temple, find and neutralize the Necromancer and bring him back alive. One last thing, they want the Cabal to take an annoying vampire prisoner called Gimp along with them and perform the ritual upon him.

The Cabal arrives in Mexico in a rental van driven through a portal. Just outside the front gates of the Necromancer’s estate at an old abandoned gas station they are attacked by four banditos with M16s. The bandits are quickly neutralized, although not without a few stray bullets hitting Cabal members. One of the bandits is questioned and explains that they kidnap anyone who passes by. If they have wealthy relatives they hold them for ransom. If not, they kill them and leave them at El Diablo’s gates. In the end, none of the bandits survive their encounter with the Mages.


- Growing more bold each passing month, the Cabal demands payment (beyond the usual “keep what you loot”) for this mission. Finally it is agreed that if the mission is completed successfully, each member of the Cabal would be given training with the appropriate experts to help them learn the next rote of his or her choosing.
- Immediately upon meeting Gimp, Ted repeatedly tries (and fails) to stake him through the heart. While the Consilium doesn’t particularly mind how Gimp is treated (as long as he is intact for the ritual) Gimp manages to convince the group that he may be more useful to them awake than in torpor.
- A body bag is brought along for the vampire in case the group finds themselves in daylight
- Ted has his staff arrange for a group of mercenaries to meet them at the entrance of the Necromancer estate. They arrive after the bandits are defeated and are sent along their way because of concern that their presence will interfere with the groups magic by inducing disbelief and paradox.
- Anya finishes off one of the already defeated bandits by summoning a swarm of scorpions. Surprisingly, her moral compass is not adversely affected by this foray into the dark side.
- The other two remaining bandits are left to the attention of the vampire behind closed doors. The whole place is then burned down.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 15 May 2014, 23:17

May 12, 2014

The group enters the Necromancer’s realm. The first wave of zombies are dealt with from a distance with automatic weapons and Quinn’s car. A second group of zombies block the front gates. Quinn and Diego shape a few gallons of gasoline into a snakelike form that slithers over to the gates and disperses into a fine mist which Hondo ignites. The flaming mass of undead is fired upon until nothing is left moving.

Before entering the estate the group discovers the area inside is trapped. Further investigation with Fate and Time magic reveals that any living creature entering the area will cause grenades that have been sent forward in time to pop into existence and explode. The group opens a portal to the sewers of Santa Cruz (a location they know well) and use Life magic to send a swarm of rats past the gate, triggering the traps.

Inside the Necromancer’s mansion the group finds an undead butler that doesn’t like it when people mention he is dead. Downstairs they find Lily, a beautiful young woman who the Necromancer won from a demon two years earlier. She has since been chained in the basement making breathtaking sculptures. Upstairs they find the ghost of the Necromancer’s ex-wife who does what she can to cause trouble for her ex. She tells the group about his hidden treasure hoard in the Twilight Realm, unfortunately none of them are able to reach it.

In the sub-basement they find the Necromancer’s laboratory and prison. In addition to his latest zombie creations (now with autonomous parts!) they find the demon that had once owned Lily. The top floor contains the library with its ghost librarian. The group finds the book about the Aztec Death Ritual, rests, loads up with the Necromancer’s personal effects and heads to the Temple, a day’s drive across Mexico, to interrupt the ritual.


- Before going to Mexico to find the Necromancer, Quinn successfully completes the apparatus needed to convert trapped souls into magical items. In the process he becomes acquainted with a genius inventor who teaches Quinn a lot and gives him Inspiration for some inventions of his own.
- While Quinn is tinkering, Hondo works with Abel, his AI familiar, to reprogram the alien nanites that they obtained from the Others. After two weeks of work he is over half way to his goal of making the nanites answer to him.
- Abel asks Hondo for a couple hundred thousand dollars so that he can build a “mobile defense platform”, ie a robot body that he can use to help defend the Sanctum. Hondo and the others aren’t too sure about this...
- To help them find useful books in the vast library Quinn videotapes the collection and Hondo has Abel scan the images.
- Diego summons a spirit to see if it can help him get to the Necromancer’s treasure. Being a Spirit of Pain it requires pain as payment for its assistance which Diego provides by cutting himself (he heals himself later). The spirit, however, isn’t powerful enough to enter the Twilight. It suggests summoning the more powerful Spirit of Death, but Diego decides against this.
- Hondo comes very close to making a deal with the imprisoned demon, offering the demon its freedom and Abel in exchange for the demon’s servitude. As he is about to sign the agreement in blood Diego intercedes.
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Our Story So Far

Postby anstruther » 21 May 2014, 13:05

May 19, 2014

The road to the Aztec Temple ends at a rundown motel on the outskirts of Mexico City. From there the Temple is a one mile hike across rocky terrain. Unknown to the group, the Necromancer is hanging out at the motel disguised as a local traveler with his aura erased. The group hires him for $50 to act as a tour guide but they don’t like the look of his (undead) employee and change their mind,

Once the group assembles inside the ancient, buried pyramid the entrance disappears and powerful magic compels everyone to fight. Anya can read the shifting Aztec runes which say only one can remain. The group valiantly resists the compulsion with mental shields, fate manipulation, etc. Diego creates a portal and vanishes. Only Hondo succumbs and everyone else tries to protect themselves from the Temple’s magic and Hondo’s attacks.

Sylver comes up with a plan to make everyone unconscious with his ever-present chloroform. He uses adapted spider legs to scuttle around the room sharing his plan with everyone then knocking them out. Meanwhile Hondo is tearing up the place with sheets of Celestial Fire and Ted decides to use a few machine gun bursts to take him out. Once Hondo is down, Ted submits to the chloroform leaving only Sylver conscious. The entrance reappears along with previously unseen stairs that lead to a small chamber at the heart of the pyramid.

Diego, who had portaled back to the motel, heads to the Temple and discovers the local traveler with his suspicious employee is heading there as well. Diego finds this sufficiently suspicious behavior to snipe him from a distance. The Necromancer quickly drops his disguise and activates his Mage Armor but it isn't enough and the second shot drops him. His enhanced zombie servant charges Diego and gives him quite a thrashing. Diego runs away to the Necromancer’s body where, fighting to stay conscious, Diego heals himself and then stabilizes the Necromancer’s wounds before opening fire on the zombie. Triumphantly, he drags the Necromancer’s unconscious body the rest of the way to the Temple and shouts down the re-opened entrance that he has captured the Necromancer.

The gang is too occupied with patching up their wounds and deciding what to do with the vampire (who had taken quite a beating from Hondo) to pay much attention to Diego. They don’t even notice when one of the Necromancer’s pet ghosts possesses Diego and has him drag the Necromancer’s body to safety.


- Before they arrive at the Temple, Quinn and Hondo place a Celestial Fire spell on the vampire’s underwear which is triggered if either utters the words “fried eggs”. Hondo activates this during his fighting frenzy in the Temple.
- When Diego leaves, Quinn rewinds time and tries to grab him before he can leave again but just misses.
- Quinn binds Lily and the Necromancer (before he knew it was the Necromancer) to Oaths that they will not harm the group.
- After the central chamber of the Temple is opened, Hondo lowers the badly injured vampire into it and feeds him enough of his own blood to wake him from torpor.
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