In the coming Apocalypse, which side will you choose?

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In the coming Apocalypse, which side will you choose?

Postby Timias » 01 Sep 2012, 04:34

Rebellion and Redemption, a custom tabletop RPG takes place in modern times and all of Heaven and Hell are breaking loose. You can support the forces of Heaven and even rise to become an angel to battle the forces of Hell in order to purge the world of corruption, or you can side with demonic legions to thwart God's plan and protect the world as it is. As it stands there are two separate gaming groups- The righteous paladins of Purgatorius Ignis, and the rag-tag group of demi-demons bent on surviving and eventually thriving.

The game has been running for a few years in an isolated group, but I figure now it's time to spread a little further. It's proven to be very flexible and player-friendly. It's very rewarding to those with ambition and resourcefulness. It is LOOSELY based on some Christian mythology and should not be taken literally. Instead of a set leveling system, RR progression is made through accomplishments, ambition, and opportunity.

Work should no longer be an issue for me on Sundays, so that's when I hope to get the games going. The structure of the game makes it easy for people to drop in and out, so don't be shy about trying it out or asking questions.
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Re: In the coming Apocalypse, which side will you choose?

Postby Qwefg » 30 Oct 2012, 18:57

So what time would it be done at and what would character creation? (come in on the day or do you have a sheet(s) we could look over?)
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