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Re: D&D 4e Game, Homebrew Setting, Houserules

Postby Iunnrais » 06 Dec 2012, 20:40

Garron calls a war council. You are led into a room deep underground is shielded with lead. The room feels oppressive and claustrophobic, as if the rest of the world no longer exists when you are there because it is so cut off. There is a large map of Terrestia on the table, marked with alliances and political situations in different areas. Overlaid on the Sinster range is an approximation of the former locations of Ancient kingdoms.

"We should be able to talk in here." Garron opens. "It is, perhaps, one of the most heavily shielded places in Terrestia. Now, what did we learn from our battle with Kendrick"

History = 28 (Garron)

Historically, Kendrick rarely fought against armies. He made his way behind defensive lines, heading deep into allied territory, and would slaughter villages and towns, transforming them into new armies to be used deep in areas where they thought was "safe". On the other hand, while Kendrick himself was rarely seen in combat himself, his "Black Wind" was utilized in quite a few battles, and it was evident enough that Kendrick was the one bringing it that he himself began to be called the Black Wind as a title.

The Black Wind itself was quite demoralizing. Survivors of battles within the darkness often came out stark raving mad, catatonic, or simply more subtly changed somehow, as if a different person walked out wearing the same skin. The forces of the undead, on the other hand, were significantly bolstered within the shadow, and even priestly Turnings were somehow turned around against the living instead of the dead. And simple zombies and skeletons became something more-- although exactly HOW much more is unclear, due to the state of most survivors.

Off the battlefield, and into the slaughter ground, Kendrick's Modus Operendi was a lot clearer. He would walk into a town, and the inhabitants would begin slaughtering each other.

Insight = 42 (Ancor)
Perception = 35 (Ancor)

Despite initial appearances, Kendrick was actually doing what he could to avoid confrontation and a fight with the party. His efforts were clearly involved in gathering up as much undead as possible and getting them out. He just happened to have what amounted to a BFG in his back pocket, and decided to use it from range to help cover the Vampire Lords.

The Vampire Lords efforts were more interesting. They were certainly attacking the Tree of Life, but more than that, they were actually shielding the effects of its aura from the other undead.

Perception via Arcana = 23 (Notos): They were doing something to the tree beyond merely damaging it / shielding others. Unfortunately, you were a bit busy at the time, and unable to really concentrate on what they were doing. You can't quite remember, or weren't paying enough attention.

Diplomacy (Priests) = 44 (Notos)

The priests were mostly engaged with the rank and file undead. Those within the tree's aura did, in fact, die very easily. However, outside that aura, the undead was very difficult to kill or defeat.

It seemed that Kendrick was not exactly commanding them, as one commands a mortal army. There were a few intellegent undead scattered about the army, and they acted more like sheepdogs than like military commanders; sometimes they would push (with rebukes, and such) and sometimes they would pull (with "bait" of sorts).

Arcana = 44 (Garron)
Arcana (Necro) = 39 (Corvus)

Kendrick's beam attack, Discordant Thanatopsis, was horribly vicious. The wraiths it created were actually wrenched from the Shadow Realm, slaughtering future possibilities of yourselves and turning them into the undead. To be caught in the beam itself would be to unmake your mind on the astral plane, causing it to cease to exist, severing it from the Etherial and Shadow Realms. The Shadows of your future will then continue to exist without a present, ever, which does very odd things to the world in a manner reminiscent of a prophecy. Things you might have done might still get done, but without a you to do it. And furthermore, the spell twists your future shadows to the will of the Necromancer.
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Re: D&D 4e Game, Homebrew Setting, Houserules

Postby Iunnrais » 07 Jan 2013, 18:15


Demonstar Main: 18000xp
Demonstar Fragments x3: 54000xp
Shardling Swarms x2: 18000xp

Total: 90000xp
Split between 5 party members: 18000xp
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Re: D&D 4e Game, Homebrew Setting, Houserules

Postby Iunnrais » 07 Jan 2013, 22:56


Fire/Stone Demonstar: 18000xp
Stone Spears x7: 15750xp
Flame Pillars x3: 6750xp

Ice Dragon: 9000xp
Ice Brutes: 27000xp

Garron: 20750xp

Total: 97250xp
Divided by 5 party members: 19450 each
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Re: D&D 4e Game, Homebrew Setting, Houserules

Postby Relmin » 08 Jan 2013, 11:52

XP for arcane maze star?
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