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40k RPG!

Postby Derek » 18 Feb 2011, 23:13

If you haven't heard, the guys over at Fantasy Flight have been putting together some pretty impressive RPG rules systems based around the Warhammer 40k universe. The "Settings" of each game system are different, but the mechanics have been created so that each of their RPGs can run together and all of the books and supplements compliment one another to a degree. This is the rundown-

Dark Heresy
-In Dark Heresy players take on the role of an Inquisitorial Retinue. As agents of the Holy Inquisition you will find yourself delving deep into the darkest elements of the 40k universe. Infamous cults, heretical Governors, rogue psykers and vengeful daemons all must be discovered and purged in the name of the Emperor! As a team you will investigate the darkness and bring light to the vilest of worlds.
-Dark Heresy focuses on party based investigation, occult happenings, fast based combat, intense chase scenes and shadow games. As Imperial agents you are a team that holds the line against the corruption that threatens all of humanity.

Rogue Trader
-In Rogue Trader players take on the role of a Privateer based Rogue Trader and his ship's crew. On a ship that is more akin to a flying city- the Rogue Trader and his Crew explore the galaxies in pursuit of wealth, prestige and forgotten planets! You will discover lost civilizations, ancient atefacts and alien races both mysterious and often- monstrous! In Rogue Trader it is all about filling your coffers to the brim and creating a legacy in the stars!
- Rogue Trader focuses on party based storytelling, exploration, diplomacy, swashbucklers and gunslingers as well as wealth beyond imagination! However, a Rogue Trader is not without his problems. The Warrant that allows him to independently ply the cosmos is a rare treasure indeed and every one wants a share of the riches! Only the keenly intelligent, skillful and (lets be honest) lucky will come out on top! Also, starship combat! Yeah. Get Some.

-In Deathwatch you are an elite cadre of Deathwatch Space Marines and nothing stands in your way. Space Marines are trained and created for one thing and that is War! With your battle brothers at your side you will rain death upon hordes of enemies, slay ancient evils and liberate entire worlds single handedly. In Deathwatch only the mighty can stand against you and even they are generally outclassed when you and your allies fight as one!
-Deathwatch focuses on mission based objection completion. With nothing but your small band of brothers- you will plunge into a world of constant unforgiving combat. The more your Squad works together the more powerful you become. Investigation, exploration and diplomacy generally take a backseat in Deathwatch as when the mighty Space Marines are called- there can be only War!

-As it stands I am running a Rogue Trader game on Sunday nights, but would be interested in running either a Dark Heresy or Deathwatch game if people are interested. Cape Fear Games has been of the books on the shelf if you are interested in looking over the system! All three games are a unique and enjoyable RPing experience and offer up hours of good storytelling, action and suspence!
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