D&D Pathfinder Campaigns Starting Up

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D&D Pathfinder Campaigns Starting Up

Postby NathanBrown » 06 Jul 2010, 23:15

Hey fellow Roleplayers I'm starting up two D&D pathfinder campaigns. One will be more serious and only for the more experienced players while the other will be much more casual and open to beginners. The serious campaign will most likely be hosted at my house while the casual campaign will be at the store.

The setting will not be standard fantasy. Instead I've created a steampunk fantasy setting, drawing from westerns, Iron Kingdoms, and other worlds I enjoy. Characters will start somewhere around 4th level. If your schedule is constantly changing I suggest the casual campaign. Sessions will likely last many hours and if your unable to stay up late I'm afraid you'll probably want to find another campaign.

If your interested in either campaign send me an email at Penguin_Buddha@yahoo.com or stop by the store and sign up there. If your sending an e-mail please use the following format;

Pathfinder Campaign **Your Name**
Full Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Campaign Interested In (serious and/or casual)
Days/Times each week you are available (please be specific)
Additional Info (what kind of character you want to play, preferences in game-play, etc.)

Thanks a lot for your consideration and I hope to play with you soon!
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