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selling cryx army

PostPosted: 18 Sep 2013, 21:50
by tringham
Have a cryx army for sale for 200 firm most is painted purple pink and gold the upper half of the kraken is painted but not the bottom. All is primed grey. Can text pics if requested.
Witch coven

Helljack and bone jack
2 death ripper
2 defiler
1 scavenger
1 Helljack kit reaper slayer corruptor all magnetic
1 kraken


Full 10 man bane knights


The withershadow combine
Necrotech and scrap thrall
Skarlock thrall
Gorman di wulfe
Bane Lord tartarus
Warwitch siren
I'm in jacksonville so we can wok something out on delivery and payment will take paypal as well just let me know