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Selling Khador Army

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2012, 01:47
by FieryJustice
I am looking to sell my army ASAP, here is a list of what I'm looking to sell. I'm selling this army for $500 plus shipping for EVERYTHING which is an amazing offer. This army is in very good shape minus 1 model, which I have included in this description, I will include a link at the bottom, if you're interested, please pm me immediately.


Butcher of Khardov
Epic Vlad
Normal Vlad
Regular Sorscha
Epic Sorscha
Regular Irusk

Uhlan Kovnik Markov
Man-O-War Drakhun and Dismount
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Kovnik Joe
War Dog
Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew
Doom Reavers and Greylord Escort---1 Doom Reaver is missing a sword
Battle Mechaniks (5)
Widowmaker Marksman and Widowmakers
Holt and Ayiana
Harlan Versh
Kell Bailoch
Manhunter (2) 1 Painted 1 Unpainted
Alten Ashley
Gorman Di Wolfe
Regular Eiryss
Epic Eiryss
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen (11) with Thrall Warrior (1)

Khador and Mercenary Cards,
Melee Gauge,
AOE Template,
Spray Template
tape measure
1 Khador Book, hard cover, and a Prime rule book
Carrying Case

Photos of the army are posted here: ... ustice311/

The photos show an extra khador book and an extra warjack (Beast '09). These things have been reserved for someone else. If interested please pm me