Space Marines for sale!

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Space Marines for sale!

Postby Kilrosen1990 » 18 Dec 2011, 18:26

I recently started a small space marine army, Blood Ravens to be more precise, and now I am looking to sell them off.

The force consists of:
-1 power armored Librarian with book and staff
-x2 10 man tactical squad (Melta-gun and missile launcher)
-scout squad (bolters and pistol and blade on sgt)
-5 Dev marines (2 plasma cannons and 2 lascannons)
-5 assault marines (power fist on sgt)
-5 assault Terminators (all storm shields and hammers)

All are table ready and all Blood Raven Icons are hand painted, but you can still redo them if you wish. In all, the army is around 1,300 pts. I will either take $255 or the equivalent in Imperial Guard which can be negotiated. The price is also negotiable.
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