Selling my Warmachine Mercs!

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Selling my Warmachine Mercs!

Postby Derek » 09 May 2011, 11:28

With a recent car repair bill and an over abundance of models to play I have decided to sell the bulk of my Mercs. (Gorman stays with me however! =)
I've got several casters, Warjacks, units and solos that compliment all four Merc Charters (Magnus and friends, Pirates, Rhulic Dwarves, Ashlynn etc.)
With the new Merc Caster and character jack coming out in June for Wrath now is a great time to snag a second army (which is really more like 4 armies) and begin fighting for coin! Most of these Mercs already fight for preexisting Factions so you can get a lot of table time with them.

If you are interested feel free to PM me or call me at 252-269-4042 and I will make you a list of what I have. This is a rather large lot of models and I am looking to sell them all together. Most are bare metal, several are still new in box with only a few painted so there is little to no stripping required. I will sell the entire lot at 50% off of retail. Sells will not take place within Cape Fear Games to honor their rules.
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