ton of Tau for sale

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ton of Tau for sale

Postby recursivecoin » 30 Dec 2010, 04:17

I have 1500 points of Tau painted and ready to play.
-Custom Etheral
-4 Crisis suits
-6 Stealth suits
-3 Fire Warrior Teams
-2 Devilfish
-Kroot w/hounds
-3 Hammerheads (2 can be used as Devilfish)

I have a bunch of unpainted and still in the box Tau
-3 custom built Stealth Suits
-3 FORGE WORLD Crisis Suits (still in the box)
Much More...

$500 or best offer
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Re: ton of Tau for sale

Postby andrew » 31 Dec 2010, 08:54

This might be a good time to introduce our upcoming auction. Dates are still TBD, but we will be accepting items for a no-min auction. It will be a cash only auction, and sellers will get their 100% of their item value in store credit. I would like to be able to take items for at least a month so that we have an auction with lots of items. What do you think?
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