Looking for Magic Cards...

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Looking for Magic Cards...

Postby Spirrow » 12 Sep 2010, 22:16

These are the cards I'm looking to trade for:

Chandra Ablaze x4 (Zendikar)
Vampire Nocturnis x3 (m10)
Liliana Vess x3 (m10-m11,etc)
Khalni Hydra x3 (Rise of the Eldrazi)
Baneslayer Angel x2 (m10-m11)
Linvala, Keeper of Silence x1 (Rise of the Eldrazi)

Ball Lightning x4 (m10)
Crypt of Agadeem x4 (Zendikar)
Dragonskull Summit x3 (m10-m11)
Reverberate x3 (m11)
Where Ancients Tread x3 (Shards of Alara)

Elvish Piper x2 (m10)
Elemental Appeal x2
Fauna Shaman x1 (m11)
Temple Bell x1 (m11)

Primal Forcemage x3 (Timespiral)
Barbed Shocker x3 (Timespiral)
Bituminous Blast x3 (Alara Reborn)
Fire Servant x2 (m11)
Liliana's Caress x1 (m11)

Burning Inquiry x4 (m10)

That's all I can think of for right now. Here is a list of some of the upper value cards I have for trade

Primeval Titan x2
Grave Titan x1
Ajani Goldmane x2
Garruk Wildspeaker x1
Jace Beleren x1
Time Reversal x1
Day of Judgment x1
Drowned Catacomb x2
Knight Exemplar x1
Leyline of Anticipation x1
Nantuko Shade x1
Rootbound Crag x1
Steel Overseer x1
Sunpetal Grove x2

Felidar Sovereign x2
Nissa Revane x1
Rampaging Baloths x2
Goblin Guide x2
Marsh Flats x1
Misty Rainforest x4

Rise of the Eldrazi
Kargan Dragonlord x1
Vengevine x1

Let me know if you're interested. Reply to this topic, or for faster response, send me an email to sejaworski@yahoo.com so I can get the mail on my phone.
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Re: Looking for Magic Cards...

Postby cpage01 » 14 Sep 2010, 19:13

trade you a baneslayer and 3x lilianas for a primeval titan
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