Selling over 3000 pts of tyranid Army

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Selling over 3000 pts of tyranid Army

Postby Kilrosen1990 » 29 May 2010, 13:42

I am getting bored with Tyranids since I started working with my Chaos Army, that and I need a bit of money for a little while. The Army includes:
-1 Hive Tyrant
-1 Swarmlord (conversion, but there is room for change)
-2 Zoanthropes
-3 Carnifexes
-30+ Termagants (weapons are either devourers or Fleshborers, more Devourers than Fleshborers)
-25+ Hormagaunts
-36 Genestealers (Most are old style Genestealers, not hybrids)
-6 Spore Mines (All Plastic)
-5 Warriors
-1 Warrior Prime (Using old style warrior boneswords)
-1 Metal Brood Lord
-4 Lictors
-1 Doom of Malan' tai (Converted from spare Carnifexes, really wicked looking)
-1 Trygon Prime
-3 Metal Raveners

This army was used in the recent 'Ard Boyz tournament and has been in use for the past 3 years. The color scheme is blood red, Chaos Black, and Bleached Bone, but it can be repainted.
Starting price is $400, but negotiations can be made. Army can either be bought in bulk or in pieces. Comes with free codex, so no need to run and grab the new one (5th edition codex included).
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Re: Selling over 3000 pts of tyranid Army

Postby Lemons » 30 Jun 2010, 13:27

I'll give you 65 dollars and various nintendo ds games.
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Re: Selling over 3000 pts of tyranid Army

Postby Oneironaut » 02 Sep 2010, 12:15

I am interested in this for sure, but probably have to buy in chunks (400 bucks is alot to put down at once for me). I already have a 3000 pt nid army, so some complimenting forces would be great. Any chance to get some pics?
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