Jim's Gaming Gathering Saturday, August 27, at Noon

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Jim's Gaming Gathering Saturday, August 27, at Noon

Postby andrew » 15 Aug 2011, 10:39

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Greetings, all! Right now I can't make the Thursday night get-togethers (long story), so my next Gaming Gathering will be Saturday, August 27th, starting at noon. Here's what I'll be bringing with me:
RED NOVEMBER: A cooperative game where Russian submarine sailors work together to keep the sinking sub's nuclear reactor from exploding -- or get the @#$% off the sub before it blows!
ALIEN FRONTIERS: Send your ships to colonize the planet, getting the benefits (and points) needed to win.
COSMIC ENCOUNTER: Compete and cooperate to get five outside colonies and victory! Plus there are so many cool alien powers in play...
SUPER MUNCHKIN: Because even "good" super heroes can scheme and backstab each otherin the race to level 10!
ROAD KILL RALLY: Because racing would be improved if the drivers could attack each other and mow down pedestrians...
FLUXX: It's simple, it's quick, and it's a game where you can win by having Milk and Cookies.
SMALLWORLD: Which race can conquer the known world? When will you have to put your race in decline to get a new one to conquer the known world?
See you there!
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