1st Annual Paymasters Event 8/21

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1st Annual Paymasters Event 8/21

Postby Derek » 19 Jul 2011, 16:07

*The Paymasters*

The 1st annual Paymasters Warmachine tournament is a charity event that is taking place August 21, 2011 at Cape Fear Games in Wilmington, NC.

The tournament will be raising funds for a local organization known as The Mercy House who compassionately give food, clothing, shelter and aid to the homeless population in the area while striving to return them to a positive and productive lifestyle through work programs and rehabilitation.

Several local businesses including the owners of Cape Fear Games will be providing gift cards and product donations for those who play hard and contribute like they've got a pair!

This will be a steamroller event using 2011 steamroller rules and scenarios. Players are required to bring 2 35 pt lists and must play each list at least once during the event.

Paymaster Event Rules:

Gold Coins

-Gold coins will be sold at $1 per coin throughout the course of the tournament. A minimum contribution of 10 coins is required to take part in the Paymasters event. Gold coins may not be purchased during a game, but can be purchased between games in the tournament. All of the gold coin proceeds will be going to the selected charity.

-Gold Coins can be used to boost attack and damage rolls for models in a players battlegroup by spending 1 coin per boost. Gold coins can be used to purchase additional attacks for models in a players battlegroup by spending 1 coin per attack. Coins that are spent in this manner have been used and do not replenish themselves.

-Before players roll for deployment and starting turn they must make a "Paymasters Wager" on that games end results. Both Players MUST "ante" at least 1 coin per player on who will win the game. The player who wins the game will collect the earnings of the pot. Players can agree to "up the ante" as high as they'd like as long as they both agree on the wager. Players must have at least 1 gold coin each game for the Paymasters Wager. Remember, coins can be purchased between games so if players have spent all of their coins in the previous game they can purchase more. Since this is for charity- they are encouraged to do so! Gold coins that are being used in the Paymasters Wager cannot be used to buy additional attacks or boost attacks and damage rolls for that game.

Paymaster Achievements

A single achievement will be announced at the start of every game. This achievement can be accomplished once and only once by a single player of that game. Achievements will award a small purse of gold coins for the player who has successfully accomplished the achievement. These coins CAN immediately be used to buy attacks and boost attack/damage rolls but they cannot be added to the Paymasters Wager until the next game.

Game 1: The first player in the current game to eliminate an opposing solo model will be awarded 1 gold coin.
Game 2: The first player in the current game who manages to completely eliminate an opposing unit will be awarded 2 gold Coins.
Game 3: The first player in the current game who manages to eliminate an opposing Warjack/Warbeast will be awarded 2 gold coins.
Game 4: The first player in the current game who manages to eliminate an opposing Warcaster/Warlock will be awarded 3 gold coins.
Game 5: The first player in the current game who manages to eliminate an opponents entire battlegroup in 3 rounds will be awarded 5 gold coins.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils!

At the end of the tournament players will count up their coin total and submit them to the event organizer. Players can purchase as many additional coins as they'd like to bolster their money pile and contribute to the charity! The player with the highest coin total gets first selection of the prize support available. The player with the 2nd highest coin total selects next. Then so on and so on. Continue giving out prize support in this manner until all players have received an item or the prize support runs out.


Remind players that this is a fun event and that the focus should always be on raising support for the charity. Hopefully players will dig deep and wager high each game while having a good time leading their gold hungry models to victory!

I aim to make the Paymasters a staple in our area and to run one every year.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reply below or call me at anytime! Hope to see you at this amazing event!

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