CFG Summer of Magic Leagues

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CFG Summer of Magic Leagues

Postby TheSmilingDragon » 26 May 2011, 15:17

CFG Summer of Magic League

Season begins June 1st and runs through August 12th

Point Structure
Each win grants a player 3 points, each draw grants a player 1 point.
Each event grants a players 1 attendance point

Points are cumulative for the duration of the season

Ex: If a player goes 3-1 in FNM they would get 9 points added to their score for the season, and 1 attendance point. If a player then goes 2-2 in Wednesday draft they would get 6 points added, for a combined score of 15 and attendance score of 2 for the season.

Events where a player can earn points

Friday Night Magic at 2pm and 7pm (Standard, 4 rounds)

Wednesday night draft (6pm)

New Saturday Constructed event (2pm, Standard. Swiss rounds cut to top 8)

Tuesday Night Legacy Event (6:30 pm)

Game Days (New Phyrexia: June 11-12, Commander: Sunday June 19th)

M12 Prerelease (July 9th: Midnight and Saturday)

M12 Release (July 16-17)

Prizes at end of the season

Most attendance points at conclusion of season will receive a Booster Box

Points Leader at conclusion of season will receive a Booster Box

Top 4 in each category(only 1 qualification per person):Free draft with prize to winner(Prize TBD)

League Perks

-Feature matches during FNM's for players leading the leader board. Starts Week 2 (June 10th)

-Weekly updated leader board

-Bounties on top players: Starting June 17th, if you beat one of the top 2 points leaders in an FNM, you get a bonus point and win a pack of M2011!
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Re: CFG Summer of Magic Leagues

Postby andrew » 01 Jun 2011, 09:51

Attendance is a great way to earn a booster box, get out there, participate, and have fun!!!
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