Shaattered Grounds: Finale Event!

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Shaattered Grounds: Finale Event!

Postby Derek » 13 May 2011, 10:21

May 15th is the last day of the League Event for Thunderpeak Cliffs and will also be the Finale Event!
The Event starts as soon as the doors open!

-Players will be able to use ALL territory bonuses their Faction controls this day!!
-Raffle tickets for a Special Edition Hardback Wrath Book (Release Date: June) will be sold ($1 a piece) and awarded to various League members as prize support!
-Pre-Registration will begin for the "Battle for the Engine" tourney on June 5th where 1st place walks away with a Battle Engine of their choice! Space is limited in this tournament so sign up early!

Awards and Recognition:
-By the end of the day- Cape Fear Games will have their first store Champion! The Store Champion will walk away with the coveted gold coin, free entry into the "Battle for the Engine" tourney as well as a free buy in the first round! All fellow Faction members of the Champion will be awarded prize support as well.

-2nd and 3rd place players in the League standings will also recieve some prize support as well their fellow faction members!

-All League players will vote on who they thought the best Sportsman in the League was. The Best Sportsman will be awarded prize support as well as a free buy in the first round of the "Battle for the Engine" tournament.

-All League Players will be awarded their first military patch fragment for fighting hard these past 4 weeks!

**** There will also be a preview of the variant cards for the NEXT League that begins this summer! New lands to fight for! New strategems! New scenarios! New allies! New rules!

You will not want to miss the Thundercliff Peaks Finale Event!
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